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With a total of 17 plants located in 5 countries on 3 continents, Sonae Indústria is one of the largest wood-based panel producers in the world. At the end of 2015 the company had 3,245 employees worldwide and a consolidated turnover of 1,027 million Euros.

Wood-based panels are valuable alternatives to solid wood with some clear advantages, namely in terms of efficiency on the use of raw materials. Another particular advantage is their dimensional flexibility, which (in contrast to solid wood) allows for the production of tailor-made sizes that can be adapted to the requirements of client applications. Hence, today we see wood-based panels replacing solid wood in an increasing number of applications.

Our base products, typically denominated as "raw products" are comprised of:

- PARTICLEBOARD (PB) a very versatile product, suitable for all general uses in the furniture and constrution industries;

- MEDIUM DENSITY FIBREBOARD (MDF) an excellent substitute for solid wood and ideal for furniture, flooring and the building industry;

- ORIENTED STRAND BOARD (OSB) a product which is highly resistant and suitable for structural and non-structural applications in the construction industry.

More than 50% of our "raw board" production is then transformed into value added products such as melamine faced board, laminates, flooring and accoustic boards. These are used in a great variety of applications such as furniture, shelving, doors, packaging, interior decoration as well as kitchen and gardening utensils.

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